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Asha Blooms - 1. Feel Happier - 2. Feel Lighter - 3. Feel Loved

Our jewelry, full of meaning, makes the perfect gift for someone you care about, including yourself. Whether you're going through one of life's challenging moments or she just needs a reminder of how amazing she is, we've got the perfect piece.

Looking for love? Seeking peace? Digging deep for strength? In search of happiness? Trouble finding confidence? Just need a little encouragement? We've got a piece for that. Wear any of our pieces each day as a reminder of what's already inside of you.

We say the words for you

Our signature necklaces feature an affirmation on the front and a moving description on the back, all in gift-ready packaging


I purchased this for a friend, who I just didn’t have the words to say as she has been going through a trying time. The necklace, the insert, and the design and inspiration within the box did it all! It was the best gift to convey the message I couldn’t put into words myself.

Darcy M.

From the packaging to the necklace, everything felt like it was made just for me. Carol's inspiring words make this piece more than an accessory. The holidays can be stressful for many, with the demand to focus on others. It's nice to have a little reminder that it's okay to think about yourself, and to have fun!

Kimberly G.

The piece arrived yesterday (shipped on time) - it is beautiful and exactly like the picture! You can tell a lot of time and effort was put in to make this handcrafted piece. It will be my new go-to piece - equally perfect with a t-shirt and jeans or a date-night dress. The piece was also beautifully packaged and sprinkled with inspirational quotes within - you could literally just put a bow on the outside and voila - instant gift!

Anne G.

I absolutely love my necklace! The quality on this handmade piece is amazing and the kyanite is beautiful! This is going to become a staple in my closet for everyday wear.

Diane K.

Necklace is beautifully crafted and looks good by itself or stacked with other gold necklaces. Shipping was super fast and the little message that came with the necklace is powerful and encouraging.

Gina M.

Delighted by my beautiful and inspiring piece. Thank you Asha Blooms!

Elaine A.