3 Perfect Ideas for a Fresh Start This Fall

Aug 31 , 2021

The Fall for parents is reminiscent of a fresh start. There’s back-to-school clothes to buy and new supplies to get, and simply being in the mindset for getting our heads back ‘in the game’ - children included.

This year is no different despite the ongoing pandemic. In my area, kids are still going back to school. The only difference now is that everyone must be in a mask at all times and sit 3-6 feet apart.

There’s another huge difference between today and this time last year: our batteries. When the US closed down in March 2020, we parents had a full battery to start with. Many of us initially thought it would be just a few weeks of shutdown. When it became clear that wasn’t the case, we still trudged forward and eventually found our new normal: video calls instead of in-person meetings, grocery store home delivery, and tending to home projects like never before (places like Home Depot certainly saw a spike in revenue).

We’re going on 18 months now of Life with Covid, and many parents are not starting with a full battery for the new school year. Our batteries are very low, or for some, have completely run out. I think many of us are just beyond exhausted.

Here are some easy ways to recharge your batteries again - but a caveat - you must create the time and space to do so:

(1) Get outside. Take a moment to walk through your neighborhood or just go in your backyard and sit for a few minutes. Breathe in some fresh air. Be intentional with this solo (or you plus your dog) time.

(2) Be alone. Nothing recharges me more than not having to answer to anyone. For me, that time usually comes at night when all the kids are in bed and I can have a moment to simply be. Carve out this space for yourself.

(3) Savor something tasty. What food or drink brings you joy? A nice cup of tea, a rich chocolate, or an ultra savory chip? Enjoy the pleasure taste brings and indulge in a treat. My friend over at Mother Snacker runs an intentional snacking business for mothers. Check her out.

Because we are in the business of caring and gifting with meaning, here are 3 perfect gift ideas to give yourself or that person whose battery is running really low. Every piece includes a message - we say the words for you.




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