A Touch of Cool

Jul 28 , 2020

Did you know it’s International Friends Day at the end of July, and National Sisters Day in early August? We didn’t either until they came up on our calendars. 😉

It’s always nice to receive a gift regardless of occasion, and I’m of the mindset that you should celebrate your friend or sister any time because she’s so awesome. 💙

Below are some cool-toned pieces. Click on any picture to learn more about each necklace. 

This lovely stone is blue kyanite, used in 'I Am at Peace'. It's all about balancing energy and promoting a peaceful way of being.


Turquoise is a stone of wholeness and truth. It lends itself to compassion, encourages self-forgiveness, and aids in releasing our regrets.


And this very recognizable ribbon is for 'Survivor', featuring a blue (or purple) crystal. To have survived truly is a feat, and we applaud you.


I love the cool blue and teal tones of the necklaces I've shared here. Our necklaces have many other colors like purple, pink, green, brown, black, white, and of course silver and gold, so whatever your sister's or friend's favorite color is, you'll find something she'll love.