A Touch of Pink

Jul 21 , 2020

Pink's a perfect color for jewelry. It goes with any skin tone, outfit, and occasion. Some pinks are bright, bold, and attention-getting. The pinks in our necklaces tend to be more tastefully subtle, more elegantly understated, ideal for reminding oneself how amazing she is without feeling the need to shout it at every passerby.

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Here we have rubellite tourmaline that’s used in 'You Rock'. This stone says you're strong, vital, and full of passion for life.


Rose quartz, on the other hand, is the ultimate stone of love. This is perfect to tell someone - maybe yourself? - that 'I Am Loved'. 💕


Or, perhaps this tiny, pale pink rose quartz is just the right size to tell a friend 'You Are Loved'. 💗


Did You Know? Pink was traditionally intended for boys. According to a 1918 article from trade publication Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department, because pink was derived from the color red, it was declared a “more decided and stronger color” and therefore better suited for a boy. Blue, in contrast, was considered delicate and dainty, and therefore prettier for a girl. My, how times have changed!

Have thoughts on pinks or about colors for boys/men vs. girls/women? Let us know!