How I Gift

Jul 27 , 2021

I just came back from a beautiful weekend away camping with some friends. Four women with nothing on our minds but enjoying the company and journey. Being with them reminded me just how much I treasure my friendships with people I’ve picked up along the years. Some have come from work, my college days, a wonderful study abroad I did (I went to Madrid!), and there’s even a longtime friend from high school. Over the years, I’ve gifted my friends meaningful Asha Blooms jewelry for all the different moments in their lives - both happy and challenging.

I love my friends. I’m so appreciative of our long talks, feeling supported and seen by these women. I really believe having this kind of deep connection with others feeds the soul and keeps you going. Who in your life is ‘your person’? I hope there’s at least one. 💙

In honor of Friendship Day on August 1st, I wanted to shared the reasons why I gifted these pieces to a few of my friends:

Smoky quartz is for bravery, and I gave this bracelet to my beautiful friend Katie as she is setting firm boundaries with some toxic members of her family.


You Are a Warrior symbolizes grit, and I gifted this necklace to my friend Jessica as she went through rounds of IVF to get her first child.


The 'You Rock' necklace is for dear friend Denise. Denise started out as just a coworker and quickly became a solid friend. Though we live on opposite sides of the country, we still chat on the phone!


The Onyx in this bracelet symbolizes confidence, and I was so pleased to gift this to my dear college friend Melissa. Melissa epitomizes courage, determination and spirit. I heart you so much, Melissa!

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