How to Layer Jewelry with Intent

Jul 15 , 2020

Everybody's layering jewelry today. From bracelets to rings to necklaces, it's a trend that’s here to stay. Not only does it make the wearer look fabulous, it can actually make the jewelry stand out as each piece complements the others even as it contrasts.

So, if everybody's doing it, how do you stand out, either in their eyes or just your own mind? Here's how: layer jewelry with intent.

Besides being beautiful, each Asha Blooms necklace has a meaning behind it. Combine a few necklaces and what do you get? A powerful statement about who you are and what you believe in.

This grouping pictured above was created for a friend going through a difficult time. She’s wearing these necklaces: One Day at a Time, You Can Do Hard Things, and I Am Loved. I felt her heart needed to hear these inspiring phrases. Worn together, she is a powerhouse.

These are some of my favorite necklaces to layer:

Layering Jewelry by Asha Blooms Gold Bird Necklace and Turquoise Necklace

You Are Free to Soar paired with I Am Complete (it’s turquoise!)


Layering Jewelry by Asha Blooms Gold Necklace and Smoky Quartz Necklace

You Can Do Hard Things in gold paired with I Am Brave (in smoky quartz)

Layering Jewelry by Asha Blooms Moonstone Necklace with Gold Circles Necklace and Kyanite Necklace

And finally, a triplet of layering which includes I Am Grateful (in moonstone), We Are Connected, and I Am at Peace (in blue kyanite).

When you buy any of these selections, you'll get them for less than they'd cost separately.

Also, we can shorten any necklace, just let us know.  And if you want to add length, we sell extenders, too.

You can browse these selections here.