Introducing Our Surprise Box

Oct 21 , 2020

The jewelry designer in me has wanted to try something new for a while, now. I love making our intentional necklaces that come in our signature postcard packaging. I also love making new things, so I recently made a variety of fun and fashionable earrings and other kinds of necklaces. I wanted to share some of them with you, so I came up with our all-new Surprise Box!

The Surprise Box features three pieces of jewelry, including one of our signature necklaces. All together, they'd retail for more than $150, but because I wanted to share my creations with all of your, I'm selling them for only $80, meaning you save a whopping $70!

Here's what you get in this box. First, you get one of three signature necklaces - the rubellite tourmaline 'You Rock', the 'You Are Loved' necklace featuring rose quartz, or the lotus flower pendant 'You Can Do Hard Things'.


Next, you'll get a fashionably-long gemstone necklace with one of these stones: an elegant clear quartz, a protective amethyst, or a boldly stylish black agate.

Lastly, you'll get a pair of earrings! I had so much fun making these. They're so unique and fun, I'm sure you'll love them, too.


Each piece comes in a soft cotton bag. We pick the surprises for you, plus you get free shipping! There's a limited quantity of these boxes, so grab one before they're gone!