Introducting Intention Bracelets

Nov 13 , 2020

Introducing our all-new Intention Bracelets! We’ve paired semi-precious, ethically-sourced gemstones with real metals for a sleek and modern take on the traditional stretch bracelet.

After creating intention necklaces for a couple of years, we’d been asked if we’d ever design other kinds of jewelry. The answer was always “not really, not yet”... until now.

We love creating jewelry with meaning, and it was imperative to have the same intentionality with bracelets. It’s why we’ve paired real metals with real gemstones that are ethically-sourced, meaning every hand that touches the stone gets paid a fair living wage. The metals are sterling silver and 14k gold filled, which are then hand-strung on professional-quality stretch cord.

From the start of the bracelet to the very end, there is meaning and purpose to the jewelry. :raised_hands::skin-tone-4:

Here are some of the intentions:

  • White Howlite Bracelet - Patience & Calming
  • Onyx Bracelet - Strength, Confidence, Grounding
  • Rose Quartz Bracelet - Love
  • Peach Moonstone Bracelet - Balance, Inspiration, Opportunity
  • Aquamarine Bracelet - Peace & Tranquility
  • Blue Apatite Bracelet - Communication, Motivation, Clarity
  • Botswana Agate Bracelet - Strength, Protection, Healing
  • Iolite Bracelet - Balance, Restore, Compass
  • Druzy Agate Bracelet - Joy, Strength, Healing
  • Lapis Lazuli Bracelet - Harmony, Wisdom, Creativity

Take a look at our intention bracelets here!