Necklaces to Gift Girls in Middle, High School, or College

Aug 25 , 2021

I had such an awesome experience at a recent pop-up in Seattle. I helped celebrate my photographer friend, Judy Lee, at her grand opening in her new studio, The Embody Space. She featured myself as well as the gorgeous and functional home and textile goods of artist & designer Misha Zadeh.

Several moms purchased meaningful Asha Blooms pieces for their daughters as the first day of school is right around the corner. While the pandemic weighs heavily on everyone’s minds as we’re still living in the unknown, I thought it was simply beautiful to gift meaning to young girls who could benefit from the message of strength, grit, and becoming. They specifically bought these pieces:

You Are the Change for a tween entering middle school. It’s a tough time as it is, and I can’t image embarking on that journey right now. To all the middle school girls, we salute you!  The message that comes with this necklace says: "Wanting to see changes in the world, or better yet, your own life? Did you know you already have the answers to seek out those transformations? Go along now, we’re patiently waiting. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish."


You Are Free To Soar for a teenager starting high school. Do you remember your freshman year?! I do and I don’t. I think this message is perfect for the high school experience since sometimes all we need is permission to go after what we really want. The message that comes with this necklace says: "Challenging times won’t get you down or define your life. They may be a part of your past but cannot and do not dictate your future. You, like a light rising bird, get to decide where you want to go. Free of unnecessary weight, you are given permission to be free to soar."


You Are Becoming for a young woman starting college. I absolutely love this sentiment for true next chapter of someone’s life. We are constantly becoming, and no better time to acknowledge that, than now. The message that comes with this necklace says: "All of the roads and non-linear paths you've taken in your life are an important part of your journey and story. They carry great weight in forming your beliefs and choices. It's not always been pretty, but just as the sun continues to rise every day, so do you. You're becoming who you were always meant to be."


And while no one bought this necklace this time, this has been a steady best seller since 2020 - You’ve Got This. The inspiring message that comes with this piece says: "Feeling a little antsy or unsure? We all do from time to time, but no fretting allowed as you’ve already shown us how much you can take on. We believe in you. You’ve got this."

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