Podcasts We've Been On

Jan 11 , 2021

We feel so honored to be covered by these amazing podcasts, so please give them a listen to learn more about us!


Shameless Mom Academy - Episode 362

Listen to our episode from this ultra-popular podcast and learn what secondary infertility is and how it flipped my life upside down for 3 years, what infertility looks like on the outside vs. the inside of a woman’s body and demeanor, how I found hope and comfort in an unlikely place, and what inspired me to start a jewelry company and the special meaning behind my work.



Women Who Went for It Podcast Episode 024 Carol Gavhane
Women Who Went For It - Episode 024

In this episode of this wonderful podcast, Sara talks with me about my journey from advertising, through years of dealing with secondary infertility, to starting a handcrafted jewelry company with my husband. I share how I got through dark times in my life thanks to a trusted fertility bracelet I found online, how my journey with infertility gave me a "start-before-you're-ready" attitude when it came to building a business, and how I and my husband navigate working together every day.



Side Hustle Moms Podcast Episode 47 Carol Gavhane
Side Hustle Moms - Episode 47

This is a great educational episode of a very helpful podcast. I share my struggles with childcare and juggling a business at the same time. Although I and my husband work on our business full time, the actual hours spent working on the business is also mixed in with taking care of our second child. We talk about how I feel guilty for wanting to spend so much time on my business and also want to be present when I'm around my children. I'm certainly is not alone with this mindset!



Coffee With Intention Episode 04 Carol Gavhane
Coffee With Intention - Episode 04

In this episode of an amazingly inspirational podcast, host Judy Lee and I have an intentional and vulnerable conversation on infertility, darkness, and being broken open. We discuss our infertility journey, difficult times during childhood and how that prepared us to be broken open and the gifts we received from those experiences.



Finding Fertile Ground Podcast

In this podcast/blog post, I share all about my life, from my childhood to my journey with infertility to my journey to Washington D.C. for advocacy.



The Art of Listening to Your Body Podcast

This podcast is all about about understanding yourself on a deeper level, and learning to recognize your purpose in the world. In my episode, I discuss how my thoughts helped shaped my infertility journey and the successful outcome.


State of Being Podcast with Guest Carol Gavhane

The State of Being Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to supporting your empath journey in living a more intentional, purpose-driven lifestyle.  In my episode, we talk about how Asha Blooms was created to provide comfort and address challenges around infertility, and ways we can provide solace to those that are quietly struggling and need emotional support on their fertility journey.


Ash Said It Podcast

A motivational podcast that keeps it real, Asha Said It has a slew of uplifting stories from a wide variety of inspiring guests. Check out our episode, True AFFIRMATION Story, here.