Rewards + Reviews - Earn points, share thoughts, get stuff

Feb 08 , 2021

We've launched a brand-new benefit for you, our awesome customers: Rewards!

You can earn points for every dollar you spend, following or sharing us on social, or just by having a birthday. Redeem them for big savings!

Create an account with us, then click on the "Rewards" button with the gift icon at the bottom-left of our website!

Here's what you can do in this amazing new feature:

1 - EARN
Get a point for every dollar you spend.  BONUS: we've already given you points for  past purchases!

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Insta, or share our Facebook page to get more points.

Refer a friend using your unique code and you both get a nice percentage off a purchase!

Turn in points to get big savings. The more points you redeem, the more you save!

Another all-new benefit you get: Rewards for Reviews!

Share honest thoughts on a piece you purchased for yourself or feedback on one you gifted, or check out other customers' reviews before you try out a new piece.

This is a brand-new feature featuring real reviews by actual customers, so give it some time to fill up. If you find that a piece you purchased doesn't have many reviews yet, feel free to share your thoughts first.

Coming soon: we'll reward points for each review you submit, starting today. To ensure you get credit for your review, make sure you use your real name or email address so we can find them in our system.


You must have an account with us to earn rewards and refer friends. If you haven't already, sign up using the "Your account" link in our main menu, or click on "Join now" after you click on the rewards icon, or just click here. You might already have enough points to start redeeming!