First, Who Are You?

Imagine yourself at home in the midst of a pandemic: your kids are talking over each other during their online classes, you’re on an important work conference call, and the dog knocks over the plant so you’ve got to clean up the glass shards and dirt. Right now.

Life is chaotic. You’re tired. You want a break.

Then you get a knock. It’s a package from your friend. She’s sent you the most uplifting and thoughtful gift. It’s an Asha Blooms necklace called 'You’ve Got This', and it comes with a heartwarming message.

You feel tears spring to your eyes.

In an instant, you’re transported out of your house into a warm, safe embrace where you feel like you can finally breathe. You feel appreciated and acknowledged. You feel good again.

Our jewelry is created just for you, because you appreciate both giving and receiving meaningful gifts. You find joy in the small moments of grace amidst the everyday chaos that accompanies your life.

You believe in affirming and acknowledging yourself and those around you.

You know what a small gesture of kindness can do for someone.

Carol and Amar Gavhane, Co-Founders of Asha Blooms

Who Are We?

We are a husband and wife team whose business was born from our walk with secondary infertility. (For those who don't know what that is, it's not being able to achieve or sustain pregnancy the second time around.) Everything about our first child was fairly typical, but trying to add to our family afterwards was incredibly difficult.

During those years, we tried everything under the sun - clean eating, support groups, fertility yoga, acupuncture, meditation, negotiations with God, many visits to the fertility clinic, and on and on. These things did help as they provided comfort or bits of positivity, but there were many dark days thrown in the mix. Who would have ever thought a hope bracelet would help as much as it did?

We found solace in the bracelet because it was a tangible reminder we could touch to give us the strength we needed. On Carol's wrist, its weight provided a beacon of hope that she could feel at all times. Similar to what a wedding ring or rosary bead may mean to you, this bracelet meant something. That's when it dawned on us - the intentions behind jewelry matter as much as the beauty of the jewelry itself.

Asha Blooms handcrafts purposeful jewelry intended to uplift and inspire. Words and thoughts carry enormous power. Use them to elevate your days.

With Much Gratitude,
Carol & Amar Gavhane

What does Asha mean?
Asha (AH-sha) means “hope” in Hindi and “life” in Swahili. We both hail from multi-ethnic backgrounds and wanted a word that could be heard and understood in more than one language.

We believe asha, or hope, blooms in the most unexpected of places. This was true for us during the three years of our fertility journey, experiencing many moments of uncertainty, anger or sadness. Through it all, asha kept showing up, and we continued to follow her. We're so glad we did, and we're so glad you're here.